5 Christmas decor dangers

We have mixed feelings about Christmas decorations. For all their glittery, sparkly loveliness, it’s your wallpaper beneath we feel sorry for. So here’s a quick guide to decorating your home for Christmas, without putting the decor you enjoy the rest of the year in jeopardy.

1.    Sticky tape and wallpaper

They don’t mix. Ever. At best, you’ll get away with the odd gummy patch on your wall. At worst, when you remove your decorations you’ll take strips of wallpaper with them. If you have to use sticky tape, confine it to woodwork and give the surface a good wipe with soapy water once the decorations are down.

2.     Drawing pins

There’s a knack to ensuring your wallpaper doesn’t look like a dartboard. If you’re using drawing pins, hide them in concealed places. We suggest the tops of picture rails, the undersides of dado rails and the bits of door surround no one ever sees.

3.    Tack

Try and keep all tacks and gums away from your wallpaper. Oils from the tack can discolour the paper beneath, and there’s always the danger of removing tack and taking some paper with it. As with drawing pins, try and keep the tack to the unnoticeable areas of your woodwork.

4.    Candles

Who doesn’t enjoy the sight (and smell) of candles at Christmas? To protect the decor, use smoke-free candles. Alternatively, each time you light a candle, choose a different spot for the candle holder to avoid the build up of any sooty residues.

5.    Snow

It’s all so easy to get a bit carried away isn’t it? For your wallpaper’s sake, can we ask that you screen the wall (or move your Christmas Tree) while you spray it with artificial snow? That way you won’t be left with a tree-shaped snowy silhouette on your wall come January.

From all of us at Wallpaper Central, have a very Merry Christmas.