Wedded to white?

Once upon a time it was magnolia that was the ever present colour in homes where the inspiration had run out before all the rooms had been decorated. It was a kind of default, as if that was how every room would be decorated if you didn’t push the boat out a little.

Magnolia is once more a tone you can approach with confidence, but only because another default shade has stolen its crown: white.

To be clear: there’s nothing wrong with magnolia and there’s nothing wrong with white. It’s what you do with those colours that counts. Let’s suppose you wallpaper your hallway in a blown vinyl and paint every surface white. Yes it will look crisp and clean – and white has a rather natty way of using light and shade to create its own depth. But you’ll be missing a focal point, and warmth.

Make white work

Add a daring splash of contrast and you’ll find that it’s not only the contrast wall that benefits – all your white surfaces will seem stronger too.

The boldness of the black motif in two of these papers, and the shading in the centre one, draws the eye and adds interest. And even if you only wallpaper a single wall, you’ll find the whole room is lifted as a result.

Give white something to work with. Ask us for more ideas to bring your white room to life.