Movember on your wall

The Mercury. The Selleck. The Dali. Facial fur has long been a staple of popular culture. Combine it with fund raising in aid of men’s health and it’s not difficult to see why Movember has been such a global success.

Facial hair is cool again and suddenly men’s faces are once more exploding with Wiggins-style mutton chops and Rufus Hound-style handlebars. Even James Bond himself gets stubbly for his latest outing.

Even so, we never expected to see moustaches on our wallpaper…

Wallpaper does many things. Raising a smile isn’t often one of them. But we love this frankly daft paper. No, perhaps it’s not what you had in mind for your living room, but for a student bedroom? A games room? Even a gents’ barbers? We defy you to put this on your wall and not have anyone who sees it break into a grin.

And if it encourages you to join the Movember movement, well, even better.