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Spring has sprung

Well, ok – at time of writing spring may not actually have sprung quite yet, but it is getting there – albeit in a chilly, frost covered way.

As the daffodils and tulips start to add great daubs of colour to our parks and gardens, it’s time to do the same indoors.

If you’re planning on redecorating why not break free from the mochas and chocolates of winter and go green – literally?

Green is a colour that has an uncanny ability to do exactly what you need of it simply and unfussily. Green wallpapers can lift and energise darker rooms, yet they can also cool and soothe bright, airy rooms and make them feel more natural.

1. Arthouse Mia Wallpaper - Ref: 599703

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And it’s that naturalness that makes green such an easy colour to incorporate into your living space. That light beech flooring you laid? Your green wallpaper will complement it perfectly. The dark oak? Ditto. It’s hardly surprising that green works well with woods (after all, nature did rather get there several million years ahead of us) but the fact is green works well with any wood.

It also works well with splashes of any other colour, provided that colour is also a natural one. So vivid bursts of orange and yellow can work spectacularly against your green wallpaper, just as they work spectacularly on the trees and bushes in your garden.

There’s a glorious freshness to spring. It gives everything a lift and transforms the world around us. Try a green wallpaper in your room this spring, and you’ll feel exactly the same effect indoors.