Meet Madison…

And Chloe. And Felicity and Juliet. No, they’re not new members of the team – well not human ones at any rate – they’re wallpapers. And they’re our very favourite wallpapers this month.

Now we could leap into reams of explanation about why we think these wallpapers are so special. We could comment on the fact that despite looking (and sounding) as if they’re from the same range, each of these papers comes from a different designer (Whitewell, Fine Decor, Direct and Graham & Brown respectively).

We could wax lyrical about the delicate colours of Chloe, the striking boldness of Madison, or the busy exuberance of Felicity.

And we could suggest that the soft, warm plum tones of these wallpapers are the perfect way to get your room ready for longer, colder nights.

But we don’t need to do any of that really do we? I mean, just look at them…