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Brush up

When it’s time to redecorate, there’s always that temptation to cut costs and take short cuts. Trouble is, what starts out as a way to save money, eventually ends up costing you. Take wallpapering tools and equipment for example.

Yes, the kitchen scissors are immediately to hand and the dining room table looks like it will do the job, but decorator’s shears and a proper pasting table make the job an awful lot easier. The fact is most decorating tools have been around for decades because they’ve been proven to make the job easier and deliver a better finish. Skimping on them and opting for something that does the job less well really is a false economy.

The same is true of brushes. You could paste your wallpaper with any old brush. Come to think of it, you could ladle it on with a spoon, but it’s a recipe for a wallpaper that’s lumpy, bumpy, takes an age to paste, and is riddled with stray hairs that make the finished effect less than impressive.

Wallpaper Paste Brush

A proper paste brush like this one holds a generous amount of paste in its bristles. It has a breadth that lets you paste a wide area of paper with a single brush load. Indeed you could complete a whole length of wallpaper with only half a dozen reloads of the brush.

The bristle design lets you spread the paste more easily and its large surface area reduces the chances of the brush sinking to the bottom of the paste bucket, leaving you with a hand covered in slime.

Wallpaper Hanging Brush

It’s the same story with wallpaper hanging brushes. Some light vinyls wouldn’t benefit from a paper hanging brush (where a sponge or cloth is more effective) but for any other wallpaper with slightly more heft, a hanging brush really is the only way to guarantee a great finish.

It’s the weight and size of the brush that makes the difference. Paste is smoothed out evenly behind the paper and each brush stroke works a large area of the wallpaper at the same time.

It’s perfect for jamming into corners to achieve that clear crease along which to cut and its bristles are soft enough to ensure your wallpaper escapes unscathed.

So next time you’ve wallpaper to hang, make sure you’ve got the right brushes for the job in your toolbox. They’ll make life a whole lot easier.