A vintage state of mind

Call us sentimental, but we’re suckers for a good vintage wallpaper, especially when the nights start to draw in and you want something on your wall that’s cosily familiar.

Yet that’s not all we love about these Arabella vintage wallpapers from Holden Decor. Because although these gorgeous papers carry more than a flavour of retro chic about them, they’re also brilliantly current.

First there’s the subtle use of metallic glitter effects. They create the sort of glints and sparkle you only notice out of the corner of your eye, bringing the hand painted floral designs to life without ever outstaying their welcome.

And then there are those colours. The neutral backgrounds and vibrant bouquets mean accessorising is easy. The backgrounds ensure that whether it’s an oak floor or an oatmeal carpet these papers will work – while the pinks, greens, blues and silvers mean you’d be hard pressed to find soft furnishings against which these papers wouldn’t sit comfortably.

This autumn, give a room of any vintage the perfect vintage wallpaper.