Table decorations

Wallpaper of the month? That’ll be this beauty from Fine Decor. There’s a wonderful Victoriana vibe to this paper. It has a deliciously classic feel, brought bang up to date by a striking use of colour and texture.

The candelabra motif is created in metallic gel which gives the wallpaper real boldness. The colours have been chosen for maximum feature wall effect- the teal, red and silver practically begging for matching cushions and curtains.

But what we really love about this wallpaper, especially at this time of year, is what it signifies. Family gathered round the table. Warm nights in front of the fire. Candlelight, sparkle and glamour. It is that rarest of things – a wallpaper that looks as if it could have been designed with Christmas in mind, but which doesn’t actually feature anything overtly Christmassy.

That means it will complement the Christmas decorations when they’re up, and will still look striking (and appropriate) once they’re down again.

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Spring has sprung

Well, ok – at time of writing spring may not actually have sprung quite yet, but it is getting there – albeit in a chilly, frost covered way.

As the daffodils and tulips start to add great daubs of colour to our parks and gardens, it’s time to do the same indoors.

If you’re planning on redecorating why not break free from the mochas and chocolates of winter and go green – literally?

Green is a colour that has an uncanny ability to do exactly what you need of it simply and unfussily. Green wallpapers can lift and energise darker rooms, yet they can also cool and soothe bright, airy rooms and make them feel more natural.

1. Arthouse Mia Wallpaper - Ref: 599703

2. Fine Decor Geisha Wallpaper – Ref: 14806

3. Fine Decor Bromley Wallpaper – Ref: 13993

And it’s that naturalness that makes green such an easy colour to Read the rest of this entry »


Arthouse – Portia New arrival

Another new range to be launched by Arthouse this month is the very vibrant Portia range -

Full range of colours in the range -


Red Floral

Grey Floral

Plum Floral




Arthouse – Chloe New arrival

Arthouse have just released a new floral range called Chloe

The Chloe range comes in



Red & Black

Black Floral



Go Boho

Bohemian is one of the defining looks of the early 21st Century. Now, thanks to the people at Rasch, you can enjoy a taste of bohemia on your wall.

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All grown up

Sooner or later it comes to us all. That little girl who used to dote on your every word, and whose room you decorated in a fluffy tribute to all things pink, grows up. The young boy who went to sleep at night inspired by the images on his wallpaper becomes – gulp – a teenager. And all of a sudden images of Darth Vader, Ben 10 and Spiderman no longer quite cut it. Read the rest of this entry »


The Closing of the Year

The end of the year is a time for reflection and for celebrating the achievements of the past year. So how about celebrating the achievements you’ve made in your own home?

Did you redecorate this year? Did you risk making a dramatic change and find that it worked out better than you could ever have imagined? Perhaps you’ve finally got rid of that design that has irritated you for years and you’re now living with wallpaper that helps to brighten your day.

If you did the work then congratulate yourself on the effort and energy that went into a job well done. If you brought in someone else to do the job then congratulate yourself on your taste and style.

Redecorating takes effort, commitment, imagination and money. We don’t do it lightly. So when it’s complete, isn’t it worth celebrating the fact that a) the home looks so much better than it did; and b) it’s over – and the room won’t need touching again for a while.

What’s next?

Of course, the closing of one year means the next one will be with us before we know it. What are your plans for the coming year? What work needs to be done? And when you reach this time next year, how will your home have changed?

When you’re ready to start work, or start looking for inspiration, Wallpaper Central will be right here. In the meantime, may we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Is wallpaper hanging hard?

Over the next few weeks Wallpaper Central will be producing some great new videos on how to prep your walls and hang wallpaper yourself if your budget doesn’t quite stretch to a decorator.

I was tasked with the job of working with a few professional decorators to develop the scripts for the videos. This was a challenge for me as I don’t have any experience of hanging wallpaper. I have always worked on the basis that you should always leave tasks like that to the professionals. But in the production process I read a lot of books and watched a number of other videos to understand the subject and research my task.

When I had completed the voiceovers I somehow felt the need to put in to practice what I had learnt during the last week. Now I just needed a wall to practice on! At the same time, my wife was preparing a bath for the kids at home and forgot about it….over flowing the bath and destroying the carpet and underlay! I kept calm and told my wife that she needn’t worry as I would spend the weekend “doing up the bath room” with new wallpaper and new carpet as I was now a pro and could tackle the problem. ….

My first step was to pop over the Wallpaper Central’s HQ in Blackburn to select my wallpaper. This took a little while as they have a stock of over 3,000 wallpapers to choose from, but I made my choice based on the fact that this was my first every job hanging wallpaper and I didn’t want it to be too hard to match the patten! But I still wanted it to look nice. The chosen paper was by Graham & Brown Heston Putty. I had already used the wallpaper calculator on the website to work out that I needed 3 rolls for the job so paid for the rolls set off home.

My first job was to strip the wallpaper. In the videos we will be explaining how to strip the wallpaper when you don’t have the luxury of a wallpaper steamer. Fortunately I had one, so I filled it to the max mark with water and off I went. I was amazed at how quick I stripped the wall and it felt great to finish and see the wall nice and bare, if not a little scary as there was no going back now!

When looking at the walls close up, I spotted a few holes where mirrors or pictures had been put up over the years, so I filled the gaps, waited for them to dry and sanded them flat. The wall was now ready to seal. I used a proper sealer for the walls but I am lead to believe that PVA is just as good and a little cheaper. I left that to dry overnight and then treated myself to a cold lager while I caught up on the Ryder Cup.

Day 2 – Sunday

It was now time to start the papering! I set up the pasting table and got all my tools ready to start. I measured the first piece making sure that I left an inch at the top and the bottom to cut to size and the placed it into position. I was surprised how easy it was to place in position and slide it around on the paste to get to the correct location. I then used a stiff brush to push out any air bubbles and seal the paper properly. Then using a straight edge and a new Stanley knife I cut the excess from the top and bottom. Hey presto the first part was on! I had a huge sense of achievement already and I had only just started. As I had started in a corner by the door it was quite tricky so the next few were relatively easy. I also found it quite easy to go round the round window on the far wall.

After a few hours I was finished and I found myself just looking at it as I was so pleased to have completed the challenge.  I enjoyed the task and do feel very pleased that I went ahead. It was definitely easier than I had expected and I would try it again in the kid’s bedrooms, but I might leave the lounge for the professionals!

I am now in the process of completely gutting my en suite bathroom. The question is will I do it myself? The answer is no….I am not as confident with tiling as the wallpaper hanging challenge but I might do the wallpaper above the tiling!

Keep your eyes out for the videos that are to be filmed in the next couple of weeks.


Autumn on Your Wall

It’s funny how what we want from our décor changes throughout the year. During spring and summer the emphasis is on freshness, energy and vibrancy and these pages positively zing with wallpapers bursting with brilliant colour.

Yet move on just a few weeks and the mood changes. The nights are drawing in. There’s a howling gale outside and zingy freshness isn’t the first thing on your mind.

Now you want warmth and comfort from your wallpaper: something to sink into or curl up with. It is autumn, after all. No wonder our thoughts turn to hibernation.

Here are some ideas for your wall if you’re redecorating this autumn: rich, warming chocolates or luxuriant plum.

Good Enough to Eat

Choose rich, velvety chocolates for your wallpaper and you’ll be surrounded by earthy, comforting tones. Chocolates and mochas work brilliantly with real wood giving you that warm feeling of security and contentment.

And to liven things up, contrast with sparing flashes of bolder autumnal colours like greens, orange or reds when dressing the room.

Perfect Plum

Plums and purples offer warmth and comfort but also convey a feeling of luxury and flamboyance that’s hard to beat.

Set against natural woods you’ll have a room so cosy you’ll barely notice the weather outside – and if you want to opt for extra levels of vampish opulence, try dressing the room in black!


Big Stripey Lies

A while back a customer asked us to take a look at some wallpaper he had pasted on his wall. It had a bold, striped pattern that had proved immensely popular and must have been pasted on walls right across town.

But this wallpaper was different. “It looked straight on the roll,” he told us, “but when I pasted it up it looked like this.”

Oh dear. Vertical stripes never look at their best when they’re not, well, vertical. And these stripes were so far off the vertical we started to feel ourselves leaning to one side to compensate.

There’s nothing more important when it comes to hanging striped wallpaper than getting it straight. And if yours isn’t, then the answer lies in one of two areas

1) It’s the wall

If your wall’s flat and square the wallpapering should be a joy. But lumps and bumps in the plaster, or walls that are an inch longer at one end of the room than the other can deceive you and make life tough.

Sometimes it’s difficult to tell whether your walls are out – and by how much – with just the naked eye so take a long spirit level into the corners and check to see if the walls are straight. If they’re ‘out’, that is, your spirit level is vertical but the wall is clearly moving away from it at either end, you’ll need to compensate when you paste your first piece.

Take the time to get it right, not just by your measurements but by eye. Once the first piece is right the rest will follow.

2) It’s a mistake

Everyone makes them, but to ensure your wallpaper stripes are standing to attention do take the time to check your measurements as above and use the proper tools. A long spirit level will accurately tell you whether your paper’s straight or your wall is out. A tiny one probably won’t.