Decor resolutions

It’s that time again. Time to make the same resolutions you make every year in the hope of not breaking them within a fortnight. So, for 2013, let’s make some decor-based resolutions you can stick to.

Decorate at least one room this year

Despite your plans, you didn’t do it last year. Or the year before that. The longer you leave it, the more rooms start to demand your attention. Before you know it, the whole house needs doing. Break the job (and cost) down. Pick a room to redecorate – and stick to the plan.


Once the new wallpaper’s transformed your room into a palace of chic opulence, keep it that way. Give the new design room to breathe. And if that means finding a new home for those 200 porcelain pigs, well so be it.

Try something new

You like magnolia. It’s clean and simple and doesn’t get in the way. And painting the wall is so much easier than wallpapering. Can we suggest that, if you’ve been painting the wall for the last decade, you’re home is probably ready for a change. All those feature walls we keep talking about? Now’s your chance. Don’t be afraid to add a dash of boldness, vibrancy and excitement to you wall. And if you need to kick some ideas around you’ll find us on 01254 582735.

Fall in love with your home again

It’s more than a place to store your ‘stuff’ and rest your head at night. Redecorating can make you see the home you thought you knew in a completely different light. These are, as we keep being told, times of austerity. Yet a little time and a few rolls of wallpaper can make your home a livelier, more exciting place to be for the rest of the year. And all for less than the price of a weekend away.


Table decorations

Wallpaper of the month? That’ll be this beauty from Fine Decor. There’s a wonderful Victoriana vibe to this paper. It has a deliciously classic feel, brought bang up to date by a striking use of colour and texture.

The candelabra motif is created in metallic gel which gives the wallpaper real boldness. The colours have been chosen for maximum feature wall effect- the teal, red and silver practically begging for matching cushions and curtains.

But what we really love about this wallpaper, especially at this time of year, is what it signifies. Family gathered round the table. Warm nights in front of the fire. Candlelight, sparkle and glamour. It is that rarest of things – a wallpaper that looks as if it could have been designed with Christmas in mind, but which doesn’t actually feature anything overtly Christmassy.

That means it will complement the Christmas decorations when they’re up, and will still look striking (and appropriate) once they’re down again.


5 Christmas decor dangers

We have mixed feelings about Christmas decorations. For all their glittery, sparkly loveliness, it’s your wallpaper beneath we feel sorry for. So here’s a quick guide to decorating your home for Christmas, without putting the decor you enjoy the rest of the year in jeopardy.

1.    Sticky tape and wallpaper

They don’t mix. Ever. At best, you’ll get away with the odd gummy patch on your wall. At worst, when you remove your decorations you’ll take strips of wallpaper with them. If you have to use sticky tape, confine it to woodwork and give the surface a good wipe with soapy water once the decorations are down.

2.     Drawing pins

There’s a knack to ensuring your wallpaper doesn’t look like a dartboard. If you’re using drawing pins, hide them in concealed places. We suggest the tops of picture rails, the undersides of dado rails and the bits of door surround no one ever sees.

3.    Tack

Try and keep all tacks and gums away from your wallpaper. Oils from the tack can discolour the paper beneath, and there’s always the danger of removing tack and taking some paper with it. As with drawing pins, try and keep the tack to the unnoticeable areas of your woodwork.

4.    Candles

Who doesn’t enjoy the sight (and smell) of candles at Christmas? To protect the decor, use smoke-free candles. Alternatively, each time you light a candle, choose a different spot for the candle holder to avoid the build up of any sooty residues.

5.    Snow

It’s all so easy to get a bit carried away isn’t it? For your wallpaper’s sake, can we ask that you screen the wall (or move your Christmas Tree) while you spray it with artificial snow? That way you won’t be left with a tree-shaped snowy silhouette on your wall come January.

From all of us at Wallpaper Central, have a very Merry Christmas.

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Wallpapering for a sale !

According to recent reports, house prices are about to take a significant lurch upwards whilst interest rates drop to further record lows. If you have a little equity to play with, putting your house on the market may be about to look a lot more attractive than it has in recent times.

Since you’re unlikely to be the only one to think this way it will be more important than ever to ensure your home looks at its best when those prospective buyers come to call – and that means taking a long hard look at your decor and making some changes that will help your house sell. But when it comes to updating your wallpaper with a view to selling, which strategy will you adopt?

Go neutral

The staple advice from a wealth of early noughties makeover shows was ‘go neutral’. The thinking behind this was it’s a lot easier to imagine your own design over a blank canvas than it is to see past a garish colour scheme.

Certainly, if your colour choices are retina-scorchingly vivid that advice still stands, but replacing your feature wallpaper with something more neutral isn’t necessarily the way to go anymore.

We all took the ‘go neutral’ advice to heart so well that most homes will adopt the same approach. And if everyone’s decor looks the same then it’s an awful lot more difficult to stand out.

Show the contemporary possibilities

Showing what’s possible with a contemporary wallpaper is the alternative route. Providing you choose something relatively mainstream you’re unlikely to offend too many people, and the ones that love the look will be able to see the house in a modern, contemporary way you just can’t achieve by painting everything magnolia.

Choosing a bold feature wall can transform a viewer into a buyer

Do something

Whichever approach you adopt, the clearest message has to be this: do something. We all put up with the marks, scuffs and scrapes that accumulate on our walls after a few years of family living – we scarcely even notice them. But prospective buyers will – so it’s worth updating you wallpaper to revitalise your home, and increase those chances of a sale.

Wallpapering for a sale
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The horrible history of wallpaper

Sit back for a moment and take a look at the room around you. If it’s wallpapered, then consider that it’s taken almost 2000 years, some nasty diseases and an unhealthy dose of arsenic to reach the point where you can enjoy your wallpaper without a) going bankrupt; and b) dying. Fabulous wallpaper, it seems, has a rather less fabulous past…

The Egyptians were the first to develop papyrus but it was the Chinese who first put their rice paper on the walls in around 200BC. By AD105 they had refined the practice by using rags instead of paper and the first wallpapers of the sort we might recognise today were introduced.

In the UK, the oldest known example of wallpaper comes from Christ’s College, Cambridge, during the reign of Henry VIII, and features a pomegranate design created with a woodcut.

Wallpaper, or ‘stained paper’ as it was alternatively known, was prohibitively expensive for all but the wealthiest households. Until 1802 wallpaper could only be printed in small squares which meant that a lot of labour was required to create the wallpaper in the first place, and even more was needed to apply it to the wall. The Countess of Suffolk spent £42 wallpapering one room in the 1750s when the average cost of a house was £12.

The introduction of a wallpaper tax in 1712 made wallpaper even more expensive unless you were crafty. The tax applied only to stained or coloured papers, so for 100 years or so there arose a healthy trade in decorating rooms in plain paper to avoid the tax, and then stencilling the paper by hand once it was in place.

Manufacturing wallpaper was an unhealthy business. There appears to have been little concern over where the rags that were mulched down came from, leaving labourers with an impressive collection of diseases.

Once the wallpaper tax was abolished in the 19th Century, wallpaper became even more dangerous. As the price dropped, so more homes suddenly discovered the delights of the most fashionable wallpapers. The most fashionable papers were green, and the green that was most desired was created using arsenic. In damp houses (i.e. most of them) this created a faint garlic odour that was the telltale sign of arsenic in the atmosphere. Arsenic poisoning probably accounted for countless cases of blindness, acute diabetes, neurological disorders and deaths.

It’s taken a lot of effort to reach a point where wallpaper can be enjoyed by everyone, inexpensively, and without harm to health. So take another look at those walls, and appreciate the true wonder of your new wallpaper.


Bryson, Bill, At Home, A Short History of Private Life, Doubleday 2010

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Step Safely

Reach up. That’s it, as far as you can. If you can touch your ceiling whilst stood on the floor then feel free to ignore this post. But since most of us don’t live in Hobbit holes, or play part time for the Harlem Globetrotters, the ceiling is likely to be a foot or two away. To reach it, you’ll need stepladders.

But beware. Stepladders (and ladders) are involved in more workplace injuries and fatalities than any other piece of equipment. According to the HSE, there were 35 fatalities in the UK in 2008/9 as a result of falling from steps and ladders. A further (and startling) 4654 major injuries were recorded, in addition to 7065 more minor accidents. It all adds up to a lot of people taking a needless tumble.

If you’re wallpapering or painting this weekend, follow these tips to make sure you complete the job in one piece.

Before you climb the steps

  • Check they’re in good working order
  • Ensure the floor isn’t slippery
  • Clear the area around the stepladders. You don’t Read the rest of this entry »
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Pink(ish) wallpapers

Here’s a true story. When our two girls were old enough to choose a wallpaper based on more than the cartoon character it featured, we thought we’d let them loose a little.

We didn’t really mind (within reason) what they came up with and we tried to avoid influencing them beyond the occasional “Hmm, do you think you’d get a little bored with black?”

And here’s the thing. Given an almost free reign and no one pushing them to ‘conform’, they still both settled on the pinkiest of pink wallpapers. A splash of white here, a dash of red there perhaps but, those aside, we may as well have been wallpapering inside the mind of Barbara Cartland, so pink were our surroundings.

This time round we’ve done things a little differently. This time we’ve offered Read the rest of this entry »


Arthouse – Samba Floral

Another new range to be launched by Arthouse this month is the very vibrant Samba range -

All colours in the range -








Arthouse – Portia New arrival

Another new range to be launched by Arthouse this month is the very vibrant Portia range -

Full range of colours in the range -


Red Floral

Grey Floral

Plum Floral




Arthouse – Chloe New arrival

Arthouse have just released a new floral range called Chloe

The Chloe range comes in



Red & Black

Black Floral