Arthouse – Samba Floral

Another new range to be launched by Arthouse this month is the very vibrant Samba range -

All colours in the range -








Arthouse – Portia New arrival

Another new range to be launched by Arthouse this month is the very vibrant Portia range -

Full range of colours in the range -


Red Floral

Grey Floral

Plum Floral




Arthouse – Chloe New arrival

Arthouse have just released a new floral range called Chloe

The Chloe range comes in



Red & Black

Black Floral



Funny Papers

Over the past month at Wallpaper Central we’ve had more new collections than ever, from elegant floral patterns to chic and sophisticated designs, so, it’s only right we throw in a fresh, retro and funky collection. Wallpaper Central is proud to present from the new ‘Funny Papers’ collection from A S Creation.

Funny Papers is a versatile collection that can be used to inject colour and brighten up your home. The blue, green and purple tones bring a vibrant and fresh look to your room or you could create a more secluded contemporary space still injecting colour with the red, black and grey tones.

Whether its a stripe, leaf or plain wall covering you’re after the ‘Funny Papers’ collection has it all. Get creative and design a match made in heaven from three pattern options and three design options:

Black Leaf, Black Stripe, Red

Pink Leaf, Pink Stripe, Blue

Purple Leaf, Purple Stripe, Green

A feature wall or block paper option would transform any room and create a fresh, modern, contemporary and individual space. Why not use the new Funny Papers collection from A S Creation and be the envy of your neighbours!


Rasch Presents…The Georgia Collection

Rasch has been creating and designing some brand new collections for 2010 and here’s one of them!

The new Georgia collection from Rasch is a stunning, elegant yet modern floral wallpaper. It’s available now  in various fashionable colours to brighten, soften or modernise you home.

Whether you’re throwing a party, unwinding with friends, or indulging in some you time, the Georgia collection with it’s subtle glitter effect is sure to create the right ambience in your home – no matter what the occasion.

Rasch always delivers great quality and beautiful wall coverings. Why not treat you and your walls to the divine Georgia collection by Rasch.


The Perfect Pattern

To make your feature wall a striking addition to your room, why not incorporate a patterned wall paper.  Pattern wall paper can bring in a new colour scheme to your room or simply create a central focus in a seemingly boring room. But the trick with successful patterned wallpapering is that not only do you need to look at the batch number, but when planning to buy your patterned wall paper you need to ask two important questions: What is the pattern repeat and/or what is the pattern match?  Here is a simple explanation to help you out:

Firstly the pattern repeat as it suggests, is simply the distance of the pattern repeating on the wallpaper.  And i’s importnat to consider when planning how many rolls you will need to complete a wall, otherwise you might not have enough paper at the end…! Throughout the Wallpaper Cenrtral site we state the repeat pattern for each design.  For example – this striking Angelina wallpaper from Holden Decor has repeat of 53cm.

The pattern match is basically where the pattern matches together on the wall paper.  Again It is an important element to consider when planning you wall.  Overall there are three different types of pattern matches you may come:

  • Random Match – this is a pattern which matches no matter where the paper is lined up.  A great example of this type of pattern
  • Straight Across Match – this is a tricky one!  The design element matches on the next adjoining strip, therefore every strip will start the same at the top to create the overall design effect.
  • Drop Match – This is simply where the pattern repeats within drop and is matched once hung.  Sometimes this will carry over 2/3 strips or it can cover 4/5 for some larger patterns.

Both the pattern repeat and pattern match will be highlighted on the wall paper packaging in either cm or inches in order to help you plan how much paper you will need.  So don’t forget to use our great calculation tool and get pattern matching to create you feature wall successfully!


Dedicated Followers of Fashion

We tend to get rather excited about a new wallpaper range. There’s always that slight frisson of anticipation as we rip off the wrapper and catch our first glimpse of a brand new paper.

Maybe we need to get out more.

But the point is that a new range of wallpaper is far more than just another design to add to our ever expanding range. It’s a statement about where we’re at as a nation. It’s a barometer of our tastes; of where fashion is at. You can see the tastes and fashions evolve and change with every new range of papers we unbox.

Take last week, for example. A new range of Muriva blown vinyls arrives, evocatively named ‘Kew’. And as you’d expect the inspirations for the range are the colours, shapes and flowers of the famous Gardens.

And yet they take the ‘state of the art’ off at a sufficiently different tangent to offer something new. Big floral and feature wall, yes, but in a way we haven’t quite seen before.

Next week, of course, there’ll be something else attracting our attention but right now we love these: Muriva Kew Wallpapers

Oh, and they’re exclusive to Wallpaper Central.