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Strip off for Summer

We are pleased to offer our customers free shipping for orders to UK mainland placed before 31st August 2014.

Why not take advantage of this to freshen up your home for summer, we have hundreds of styles to choose from. With sizzling discounts and free delivery, there’s no better time to strip off the old wallpaper and brighten up your home with Wallpaper Central.

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Times of austerity

You can’t open a newspaper or turn on the TV at the moment without hearing about the ‘times of austerity’ we’re all undergoing/are set to undergo.

With most of us looking more carefully at what we spend, now’s the perfect opportunity to look at how you can spruce up your home this spring without blowing the budget.

Find the bargains

Find the look you’re after at a fraction of the price by checking out the clearance and end of line stock. There’s nothing wrong with this wallpaper – clearance stock is simply a design that is being removed to make way for something new. You’ll find our clearance selection here.

One word of warning, though – once clearance stock is gone, Read the rest of this entry »


Arthouse – Portia New arrival

Another new range to be launched by Arthouse this month is the very vibrant Portia range -

Full range of colours in the range -


Red Floral

Grey Floral

Plum Floral




Arthouse – Chloe New arrival

Arthouse have just released a new floral range called Chloe

The Chloe range comes in



Red & Black

Black Floral



Deck the Halls (Carefully)

First things first. We like Christmas. We really do. We’re not averse to wearing an occasional Santa hat. We’re always up for a good party. We’ll even risk the odd sprout.

But for a team committed to making your home look spectacular, Christmas presents us with a few…challenges.

The problem isn’t the decorations, but it is the stuff we use to stick, tack and pin our decorations in place. For many paints and wallpapers sticky tape, tack and drawing pins can leave you with a January mess.

So, if you’d rather not redecorate the moment the decorations come down, here’s our handy guide to keeping your wallpaper safe beneath the festive decoration.

1) Drawing pins – Plonk a pin hole in the centre of your wallpaper and it will stay noticeable for as long as the paper’s on the wall.

Instead, try to keep the pin holes in discreet, unnoticeable positions:

i)             On the top edge of picture rails or the underside of dado rails

ii)            Behind furniture

iii)           On top, or around the sides of, door architraves (the wood that surrounds a doorway).

2) Sticky tape – Sticky tape on a wallpapered wall really is a no-no. When you peel it off it’s likely to leave a sticky residue (at best) or take a chunk of paper with it (at worst). On painted or wooden surfaces the dangers are less dramatic, but you could still find yourself with a sticky residue. Clean it off with very sparing use of nail varnish remover or WD-40. Test on a hidden surface first to ensure the cleaner won’t damage your paintwork.

3) Sticky tack – whether it’s clear, white or blue sticky tack can, depending on brand, leave a sticky residue or an oily stain. It’s better to avoid using it on wallpapers but if you have to use it limit the time the tack will be in contact

If you do make a mess then check into Wallpaper Central in January and get a refresh!